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1922 - 1924

George Hands was the originator of the Calthorpe light car, and in 1922 he decided to make a car under his own name, using part of the Calthorpe motor cycle factory as his works.  Whereas Calthorpe made their own engines, Hands bought his from Dorman in several sizes, 9.5hp (1196cc), 10.5hp (1498cc) and 10/20hp (1246cc).  About 150 were made and in 1924 he announced a 1991cc 14/45hp 6-cylinder car with single-ohc engine.  Though the gearbox came from Moss it seems the engine was Hands' own, but very few were made, and at the end of the year he returned to the Calthorpe fold.  A few of the sixes may have been made as the Type C 15.7hp Calthorpe, as the engine size and prices were identical with the Hands, but Calthorpe were on their way out at this time.

Source: Nick Georgano / The Beulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile

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