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Fritz Henriod was Swiss who in 1886 made an experimental steam car and a petrol car in 1893. From 1896 his younger brother Charles-Edouard worked with him and the following year drove one of their cars from Bienne (Biel on today's maps) to Paris – a formidable journey. The younger Henriod settled in the French capital and in 1898 began making motorcars there. These had a horizontally-opposed air-cooled engine at the front, a three-speed gear system of bevel-gears and pinions, with final drive by side-chains.

Over the years Henriod cars became more orthodox, and larger models were made, but Charles-Eduoard could not resist the draw of the unconventional. When he stopped making motorcars he designed a rotary-valve engine that seemed to offer many advantages. However, when Darracq put it into production in 1912 weaknesses soon became apparent and the business was nearly bankrupted, prompting Alexandre Darracq's retirement.

The only known surviving Henriod is believed to date from the first year of production.

Source: Society of Automotive Historians in Britain

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