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The Holdsworth Light Car appeared at the Stanley Show.  It was a  5hp chain-driven car. The car was a two seater and sold for 99 guineas.  The body was finished and upholstered in the best carriage style, and the seat was built up and pannelled,with a raised seat. The framework was ash, flitched with steel plates. The springs were semi-elliptical and were hung by shackles to scroll irons.  For the purpose of carrying the engine and two-speed gearing and also to strengthen the frame, four cross sections of channel steel were fitted. The back axel was very strong. The petrol tank was under the seat and a combined water and oil tank was attached to the full width of the dashboard. The oil compartment had a sight-feed cylindrical oil pump, worked on the pressure principal. The radiators had an extra large cooling area and the bonnet, which was of a Mors pattern, was carried on an extention of the frame in front of the dashboard. The wheels were metal tangent spoked.

The car was built in the firms own factory and was really good value for money.

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