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Hurst & Middleton



After Hurst had split from his partnership with Lewis A. Lloyd in 1900, he had set up another workshop in Holloway, North London, building a small number of cars.  These included two cylinder 12hp and a four cylinder 24hp which he claimed were made entirely 'in-house'.

In 1906 he introduced a 30/40hp (5560cc), a 60hp (8601cc) six cylinder, a 15/18hp (3295cc) four cylinder and a 10hp twin.

In 1906, he was joined by R. E. Middleton to form Hurst and Middleton Ltd. and the cars were known as Hurmid's.

The business closed its doors in 1907.

(see also Hurst / Hurst & Lloyd)

Models produced by Hurst & Middleton

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