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1900 - 1905


The first Hutton was a voiturette powered by M.M.C., De Dion-Bouton or Aster engines of 5 or 6hp, rear-mounted and driving through a 2-speed belt transmission, with a vis-a-vis body.  These were made in small numbers in Yorkshire, and the Hutton next surfaced in Surrey as a larger car with 4-cylinder pair-cast engines of 12 and 20hp, and shaft drive.  These engines were designed by T.W. Barber and built by Willans & Robinson of Derby.  Barber was also responsible for the transmission, incorporated in the rear axle, and for the radiator and carburettor.

In 1908 Hutton's name appeared on thrree 4-cylinder cars buit by Napier for the Four Inch Race.  They were pure Napier in design, but as S.F. Edge had promoted 6-cylinder cars so energetically he did not want the Napier name to be associated with a four.  Hutton was quoted as a nominal sponsor, and he drove one of them in the race, which was won by another Hutton.

Source: Nick Georgano / The Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile

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