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1899 - 1906

Dan Albone began making bicycles in the 1880s, naming them after a local river.  He started work on an agricultural tractor in 1897, and became more famous for these than for his cars.  His first car appeared in 1899 and it had a 3hp Benz engine, but mounted in the opposite position to those in Benz cars.  It had two speeds and chain drive.  The chassis was suspended on coil springs, and the body was supported on the chassis by C-springs, Albone made a point of passenger comfort.  The first Ivel had a 4-seater vis-a-vis body and in 1900 Albone exhibited a landaulet with 8hp 2-cylinder engine.  It is not certain how many of these or if any later Ivel cars were made, though the make has been quoted as late as 1906, the year of Albone's death.  It is quite possible that the vis-a-vis and the landaulet were the only Ivel cars made.  Tractors were made until 1921.

Source: Nick Georgano / The Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile

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