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When George Hurst left Hurst & Lloyd in 1900, his place was taken by W. E. Plaister and the new partnership, Lloyd & Plaister, introduced their own range of cars. These were all fitted with vertical four cylinder engines; three shaft driven models of 10hp, 16hp and 20hp and a 40hp car with double chain drive.


In 1909, they changed the company name to Lloyd & Plaister Ltd. and stayed in their Wood Green premises.

By 1911, the company had built about 50 cars, six of them being the 40hp chain drive model. Other products included Fire engines and Railway Inspection cars.

They manufactured and used the Allen-Liversidge four wheel braking system that was also used by other car builders.

From 1912 until 1915, the company built a 750cc two cylinder two-stroke, shaft driven car called the Vox that had an engine design based on the engine of Sir Harry Ricardo's Dolphin car.

This unique design had one pumping cylinder operating a leaf spring valve and one working cylinder.  Ricardo had sold the manufacturing rights to them for the original Vox.

A total of arounf 50 Vox cars were made.

(see also Hurst & Lloyd / Dolphin)


Models produced by Lloyd & Plaister

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