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When he was 23 years old, Ferdinand Porsche worked at the Bela Egger company which produced electric engines.  In 1898, he was bought off by the famous bodywork builder Ludwig Lohner.  Because the company had supplied carriages to the Austrian emperor, it was allowed to call itself 'K & K Royal Coach Company Jakob Lohner & Co.'

Lohner had been interested in horse-less vehicles for a long time.  He had even had a number of cars built with petrol engines imported from France.  He nevertheless saw more advantages in the production of electric engines, which is why he had taken on Ferdinand Porsche.

The result of the partner-ship was the Lohner-Porsche.  The car was driven by two 2.5 bhp electric engines in the front wheels.  The model was the main attraction at the World Fair in 1900.

With its 90 volt batteries, the car had a top speed of 31 mph (50 kph).  If you drove carefully, the batteries would provide power for around three hours.  Porsche and Lohner also built the first so-called 'hybrid'.  This was a car with batteries that were charged by a dynamo that was driven by a petrol engine.  Porsche worked with Lohner until 1905.  During that time they primarily produced large lorries and tractors with electric motors in one or two wheel hubs. 

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A 1901 Lohner Porsche Mixte (Hybrid) has been almost completely restored by a member of the Piech/Porsche family. (Information provided by James L. Leach Dec 2008)

Models produced by Lohner-Porsche

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