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1920 - 1925

This was a conventional light car made by Captain Donald Marendaz and Seelhaft, both of whom had worked at Siddeley-Deasy.  It was powered by a 1246cc Coventry-Simplex 4-cylinder side-valve engine, and had little to distinguish it from many rivals, apart from the rather up-market worm final drive.  The tall vee-radiator gave way to a lower flat profile one, and other sizes of Coventry-Simplex engine were used, including 1368 and 1496cc.  The 2- and 4-seater bodies were mostly made by Lawson and Hancock & Warman, the latter a Coventry firm who subsequently did a lot of work for Riley.  After about 1200 cars had been made, Marendax closed his company down.  Two years later he launched the Marendaz special in London.  A few motorcycles and scooters were made by Marseel in 1920/21.

Source: Nick Georgano / The Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile

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