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Inventor and engineer Hiram Stevens Maxim was an American who settled in England where he perfected the Maxim machine gun in 1883. This provided him with a substantial income and he was able to pursue his interests in aviation and airships in the 1890s. Whether he actually created the Maxim motorcars sold by the London General Automobile Company from premises near Victoria Station, or merely lent his name to them, is an open question; it being observed at the time that: "the design of these vehicles is under the supervision of Sir Hiram Maxim".

Whatever. The cars were assembled from French and German components, including the 2.3-litre two-cylinder Fafnir engine. Although sound enough they really offered nothing that was not already available from many other established manufacturers. It is thought that only one Maxim motorcar, a 1903 example, survives.

Source: Society of Automotive Historians in Britain

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