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Benjamin Briscoe and Jonathan Maxwell owned a small car factory in Tarrytown or rather Maxwell built the cars and Briscoe financed them.  The first Maxwell was introduced to the public in 1903.  The model was not really special.  In the early days, production was limited.  In the first year 632 cars rolled off the assembly line.  In 1905, this number had risen to 3,000 and in 1909, it had even risen to 9,000.  In 1912, far too much money was invested in the development of a new model.  There has hardly any money left, whereupon Maxwell decided to withdraw from the company.  Brisco continued on his own.  In 1917, the company manufactured over 100,000 vehicles in total.  In 1923, the Maxwell make was sold to Walter P. Chrysler for 15 million dollars.  No less than eight different models were now available.

But when in 1925, Chrysler noticed that selling a Chrysler with a six cylinder engine was a much simpler task than selling a Maxwell with a four-cylinder engine, he discontinued production.  Chrysler subsequently developed its own four-cylinder engine, which was installed in the Plymouth as of 1928.

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