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MB (Merrall-Brown)


1919 - 1921

Designed by Louis Merrall Brown, this light car had the appearance of a 3-wheeler as the rear wheels were set very close together, so that the effect was that of a twin-tyred single wheel.  It was powered by an 8hp V-twin J.A.P. engine driving through a 2-speed gearbox with chain final drive.  Within a few months of its announcement in May 1919 the air-cooled J.A.P. had given way to a water-cooled 10hp Precision V-twin, and in November 1919 a 4-cylinder 10/12hp Coventry-Simplex engine was available in addition to the twin.  Not more than 25 cars had been sold by the end of the year.  Towards the end of 1920 a more conventional 4-wheeler was announced, still with the Coventry-Simplex engine, but with a normal rear axle, though without differential.  The company was out of business by May 1921.

Source: Nick Georgano / The Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile 

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