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MCW Metrocab


The MCW Metrocab is a taxicab, launched in 1987, that was designed and originally produced by the British vehicle manufacturing company Metro Cammell Weymann (MCW).  The basic design of the vehicle dated back at least as far as 1970 when a prototype was caught in Westminster undergoing London trials.  The overall profile of the vehicle closely matched that of the Metrocab as launched 17 years later, although the front grill, taken from a 1970 Ford Cortina Mk II, was superseded by a less fussy and more contemporary design by the time the design entered production. The taxicab manufacturing business was sold by MCW to Reliant in 1989 and the vehicle remained in production with Metrocab, the new company.

The Metrocab was replaced by the Metrocab TTT, a development of it, in 2000 — 4-door hatchback shortly after ownership of the company had passed from Reliant to Hooper.  All production ceased in April 2006.

Models produced by MCW Metrocab

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