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Stutz and Mercer, the American car makes of the early twentieth century can be compared to modern makes such as Ferrari, Lamborghini or Aston Martin.  The runabouts were every sporty driver's dream, even though the model only consisted of a chassis with an engine that was too powerful, two bucket seats and a large, round fuel tank.  Mercer was already building such sports cars in 1908 and they made the make world famous.  The Mercers blew the competition away.

In 1912, one of the make's founders, A. Roebling, died in the Titanic disaster.  From then on, the company went downhill.  The new owners manufactured new models, but with normal bodies.  From 1923 onwards, Mercer only manufactured cars with a six-cylinder engine, they were however expensive.

The cheapest Mercer was a four-seater tourer and cost $3,750.  A seven-seater limousine cost $5,000 in those days.  These cars were no longer genuine Mercers really.  When the customers abandoned the make, the management was forced to close down the company in 1925.

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