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1912 - 1924

The first Meteorite was a light car powered by an 8hp air-cooled V-twin J.A.P. engine, with 3-speed gearbox and shaft drive.  A 10hp 4-cylinder model joined the twin for 1915, with a 1328cc engine said to be of the maker's own manufacture, and there was a larger car with 2914cc 20/28hp 6-cylinder Aster engine.  This was called a Meteor rather than a Meteorite, and did not reappear after the Armistice. 

At the 1923 Show they exhibited two models with coachbuilt bodies by the Albany Carriage Co. a coupe and a saloon.  There was also a new chassis powered by a 1969cc 6-cylinder engine, but this may never have reached the market at all.  1924 was the last year for the Meteorite.  For 1925 they said 'manufacture of the Meteorite is postponed until times become more normal'.  Alas they never did.

Source: Nick Georgano / The Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile 

Models produced by Meteorite

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