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1903 - 1907

Mobile's first venture was the sale of the De Dion-Bouton or Aster powered Waddington light car, and the first Mobiles were similar.  They used the 6hp single-cylinder De Dion-Bouton or Aster engine in a 2-seater, the 8hp De Dion single also in a 2-seater and the 9hp Aster twin in a 4-seater tonneau.  All the Mobiles had shaft drive.  In 1907 their assets were acquired by Calthorpe, Mobile's manager Louis Antweiler becoming a director of Calthorpe, which he remained until that company's closure in 1926. Mobile owners were assureds by Calthorpe of a supply of spare parts, but the cars were not continued.

Source: Nick Georgano / The Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile

Models produced by Mobile

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