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1971 - 1975

The Monica GT was the idea of Jean Tastevin who made a fortune from leasing railway rolling stock.  France had no luxury car maker and Tastevin saw a gap in the market.  Chris Lawrence designed both the 4-door 4-seat body and the chassis.  The latter was part space frame, part sheet steel floorpan and had a De Dion rear axle. 

Production began in 1973 and the first eight cars had been completed when work was halted because of the Opec Oil crises.  The parent company's leasing business took a sudden dive as most of its oil tanker wagons were idle and with fuel prices spiralling, it was a bad time to launch a thirsty car.

There were 30 cars on the production line, ranging from 99 per cent complete to a bare chassis.  They were acquired by Guy Ligier, but few were completed.

Source: Nick Georgano / The Beaulieu Encyclopedia of the Automobile 

Models produced by Monica

3.5 Litre


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