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The German Emil Tathenau was the founder and managing director of the well-known company AEG. Inititially he manufactured electrical appliances, but in 1901 Rathenau also plunged into the motorcar manufacture.  In order to avoid the costs of developing his own model, Rathenau purchased the existing car factory of professor Klingenberg, the Allgemeinen Automobil Gesellschaft.  Klingenberg had already built its first motorcar in 1899.  In 1902, the company launched its first own model, in which the engine was mounted in the front of the car instead of over the rear axle.  NAG built beautiful cars in various price ranges.  However, the company's management made some strategic mistakes.

Models were introduced that could hardly be sold, and car factories that were operating at a loss were taken over, such as Protos, Presto, Voran and Dux.  Despite their take-over these factories still went bankrupt, which did not contribute to NAG's reputation.  The management decided to stop manufacturing passenger cars in 1934, when its production ground to a halt during the depression.

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