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The 'SA Officine Mechaniche', which after 1928 was called 'O.M. Fabbrica Bresciana di Automobili' was founded in Milan in 1899, but the first car only left the factory in 1918 and it was not even designed by the company.  O.M. bought the company from Roberto Zust, who built the Brixia-Zust in Brescia.  They were reliable, fast cars with 4.7 litre, four cylinder side-valve engines.  The first cars designed by O.M. were powered by a small 1496cc four-cylinder engine and a 1991 cc six-cylinder engine.

Passenger car buyers could choose from the models 465 (=four cylinders and a 65 mm cylinder bore), 467 and 469.  In 1921, the latter model was powered by a 1496cc side-valve engine.  The cars were available in countless body versions, which were usually manufactured at O.M. itself.  The 665 model or Superba remained available until 1930.

In the second half of the twenties, O.M. increasingly focused on manufacturing trucks.  Eventually, in 1930, the last passenger car rolled off the assembly line.  In 1933, the company became part of the Fiat corporation.

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Models produced by OM



Grand Prix 8C


Tipo 465


Tipo 469


Tipo 665 Superba


Tipo S305


Tipo V


Type 667


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