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Were IFA and DKW the first makes to have a three-cylinder two-stroke engine?  No, because Fred O. Paige and Andrew Bachle built such an engine as early as 1909.  And nobody even noticed that the engine smelled even worse than a four-stroke did in those days.  The engine also ran excellently.

This is why Harry M. Jewett showed interest in the project.  Subsequently, Jewett founded the Paige-Detroit Motorcar Company.  Fred O. Paige became its first managing director, but it did not take long before Jewett discarded the two-stroke engine.  Paige was fired and Jewett appointed himself managing director.  In 1914, 4631 cars were sold and in 1916 this number had risen to over 12,000.  In 1915, the Paige Motorcar Co, as the company was now called, presented its first model with a six-cylinder engine.

The top of the line model was the seven-seater limousine, which cost $2,905.  In the same year, a Paige with a six-cylinder engine cost $1,360.  However, the number of motorcars the company sold decreased.  In 1927, the car make Paige was sold to the Graham brothers.  Until 1928, the models were sold as Graham-Paige.

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