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In 1906, Swiss Paul Piccard and Lucien Pictet founded the S.A. des Ateliers Piccard et Pictet et Cie Company, which became known under the name 'Pic Pic'.  Although they were specialised in designing and building turbines, they accepted an order from SAG (Societe d'Automobiles a Geneve) to build a motorcar.  The small car was designed by Marc Birkigt, who later became famous for his work with Hispano-Suiza.  The first cars rolled off the assembly line in the Autumn of 1906.  They were powered by four-cylinder engines that delivered 20 or 35 bhp.  In 1907, the range was expanded with a 5500 cc six-cylinder engine.  Between 1907 and 1910, 165 rolling chassis were manufactured for SAG.  When this company withdrew from the car market, they were henceforth sold under the name Pic Pic.  The models were modernised and the range was expanded.  Some models were even fitted with a sleeve-valve engine.  Within a short space of time, the company became known as the builder of the 'Swiss Rolls-Royce'.

When the First World War broke out, Pic Pic had built a total of 353 cars, of which 21 were exported.  During the war, the factory mainly built trucks for the Swiss army.  When the war was over, the company failed to restart production.  As a consequence, the company was declared bankrupt in 1920.  The estate was taken over by Atelier des Charmilles.  Subsequently, a few more cars were built from the parts still in stock.

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