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The Roamer make was founded in 1916 by Albert Barley.  The company from Kalamazoo was named after the famous racehouse Roamer, which was winning regularly around that time.  The first Roamer was unveiled in 1916 in Chicago.  It was a comparatively cheap car, even though it looked the same as a Rolls-Royce.  The car's windscreen was already angled and the wheels had steel spokes.  This model sold well.

In the initial years more than 2,000 Roamers were sold annually.  One of which was exhibited at the 1917 car show in New York.  The car had a polished aluminium roadster body.

All four, six and eight-cylinder engines were made by Continental or Rochester-Duesenberg.  The most popular model was a 5.0 litre, six-cylinder car.  Between 1927 and 1930 all the models were equipped with a Continental eight-in-line engine. 

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