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Rohr was technically far ahead of its time, when it first appeared with a car of its own make, in 1928.  It had independent suspension on all four wheels (!), was based on a platform frame, instead of the ususal square or i-beam frame, so this was already anticipating the integral body that now rules our car world!  This car sported a straight eight OHV engine with 2.5 litres and only little more than 50 HP.  Of course, this was too weak for a car this size and weight and what's more despite its superior technolgy, its design was very conservative and maybe even a little plump, so the famour Prof. Ferdinand Porsche was asked around 1930 - after the first two years of production hadn't proven too successful - to work on a new engine, and what he came up with was a 3.3 litre straight eight with 75 HP.  By then money had run out due to the fact that Rohr was a genius engineer but poorly fit as a businessman. 

Saviour was a Swiss company that completely bought up Rohr, its production lines and name in 1931, and decided to produce this grand new construction under the name "R".  Design was by then modernized with even streamline cars in production for the just recently invented Autobahn.  Overtime, the production was extended to the lower end by building small 4 cyliner cars in tatra license and at the upper end of the line a new RK was added, boosted by a compressor and slamming unbelievable 105 HP into the tarmac.

None of these measures could keep Rohr from soundlessly banishing off the scene in 1937.


Models produced by Rohr

F 13/75

F 13/75








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