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In many countries the car industry was concentrated in a particular town or area.  In America the town of Detroit became inextricably bound up with cars, in England and France the towns concerned were Coventry and Billancourt respectively.  The latter housed the Renault, Salmson and S.C.A.P. (Societe de Constructeur Automobiles Paris).  S.C.A.P. primarily manufactured car engines, small four-cylinders with cylinder capacities of 894 cc and up, but also large 3.0 litre eight-cylinder engines.  The engine factory also built entire motorcars.  Particularly sporty two-seaters and racing cars.  The racing cars were powered by a 1100cc engine with over-head valves which could be equipped with a Cozette compressor at the customer's request.  The larger models had either 1614 or 1704 cc, four-cylinder engines.  In 1929, the company unveiled a 2.0 litre, eight-cylinder engine with overhead valves.  The S.C.A.P. also suffered from the great depression and in 1929 it closed its gates for good.

Models produced by S.C.A.P.

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