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The Englishman Alfred Scott owned two companies.  Scott Engineering Co. Ltd. built motorcycles with water-cooled engines and Scott Autocar Co. Ltd. manufactured three-wheelers, the Scott Sociables.  Technically speaking, these three-wheelers were ahead of their time.  54 elements of the design were patented in 1915.  The car had a single front wheel and two rear wheels, whereby the front wheel was situated in front of the right rear wheel.  The rear wheels were linked by a fixed axle.  The two-seater had a 578 cc, water cooled, two-cylinder, two stroke engine.  In the early years the British army was the principal client.

The Sociable was used both for transporting personnel and for transporting army equipment.  The three-wheeler also sold well after the First World War.  Production of the model only ceased in 1926.

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