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When Robert Senechal built his first sports car in Courbevoie he was already a world-famous racing car driver.  The first Senechal from 1921, the B4, was a sporty two-seater with a 900 cc, four-cylinder engine.  The engines came from the Ruby company, a specialist in the field.  Quite soon several larger models followed the small two-seater.

In 1922, a Grand Sport with a 975 cc engine with overhead valves was unveiled and in 1923 a model was launched with a 1100 cc engine.  The cars were perfect for racing.  A Senechal won the Boulogne Grand Prix in 1923 and 1924 and the famous Bol d'Or in 1923, 1924 and 1925.  In 1926, the company was taken over by Chenard & Walcker.

In that same year, there were three basic models in the range: the small Voiturette, the Sport and the Grand Sport.  All the cars were powered by a 972 cc engine made by Chenard & Walcker.  The Voiturette had a side-valve engine, both the other engines had overhead valves.  Senechals were manufactured until 1929.  From that moment on the company limited itself to its own products.

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