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The Simson & Co arms factory in Suhl in the Thuringerwald built its first motorcar in 1911, but it was only after the demand for arms decreased after the First World War that car production could be stepped up.  The pre-war models were the company's own design.  The engine and the gear box were also made by Simson.  In 1924, the name Simson was changed into Simson-Supra.  The first car sold under this name was a sports car with a 1970 cc, four cylinder engine with an overhead camshaft and four valves per cylinder.  The engine delivered 50 bhp at 4000 rpm in the standard version and up to 80 bhp in the racing cars.

The touring car had a 300 cm wheel base and a top speed of 75 mph (120 kph).  The racing car had a shorter chassis and had a top speed of 87 mph (140 kph).  In 1925, Simson-Supra unveiled a model with a 3120 cc, six-cylinder engine with an overhead camshaft.  The engine now delivered 60 bhp at 2800 rpm which gave it a top speed of approximately 62 mph (100 kph).

Between 1931 and 1934 the customer could also choose a model with a 4673 cc, eight-in-line engine.  This Simson-Supra was definitely a match for makes such as Mercedes or Horch.  In spite of its weight it had a top speed of 75 mph (120 kph).  When Adolf Hitler came to power this signalled trouble for the Jewish company Simson-Supra.  In 1934, Simson was expropriated by the Nazi party.  From then on, the factory was once again used to manufacture arms.

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