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During the First World War, Dr. Rudolf Slaby worked as an engineer in the German aircraft industry.  After the war, Slaby had to look for other work.  He was convinced he had found his niche in the market with a small, single-seater car powered by an electro-motor.  The model had a self-supporting, plywood body and was primarily intended for handicapped veterans.

However, the car was far too expensive.  In 1921, Slaby met an engineer by the name of Beringer.  He managed to convince Slaby to at least build the car as a two-seater.  The result was the Slaby-Beringer powered by a single-cylinder DKW engine.  This car also sold really poorly.  In 1921, the partners had to file for bankruptcy.  The company was taken over by Jorgen Skafte Rasmussen.  The branch in Berlin became part of his DKW factory.

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Models produced by Slaby-Beringer

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