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In 1906, the Italian Societa Ligure Piemontese Automobili (S.P.A.) built its first motorcar.  The model had been designed by the company's owner Matteo Ceirano.  The S.P.A. was powered by a large four-cylinder, side-valve engine.  Although the make primarily became famous for its expensive, luxury cars, it also manufactured sports cars.  These did particularly well during long distances races which were popular at the time.  In 1908, an S.P.A. finished third in the Targa Florio and in 1909 racing driver Ciuppo even managed to win this race.  Good racing results led to good sales figures.  In 1912, the customer had a choice of cars with either four or six-cylinder engines.  Over 500 cars were sold that year.  Passenger car production stopped during the First World War, but in 1919 the first S.P.A.'s rolled off the assembly line again.  The car had a 2.7 litre, four-cylinder, side-valve engine or a 4.4 litre, six-cylinder engine.  One of the most successful models was the S.P.A 25-40 HP launched in 1922.  The pistons were aluminium and the engine had two carburettors and double ignition.  The S.P.A. 25-40 HP was the first car that Nuccio Bertone's new company provided with a body.  In 1927, the S.P.A. make became part of the Fiat corporation.  Production ceased that same year.

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