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Paul Speidel was also an enthusiastic, though not very successful car manufacturer.  In 1915, he unveiled his first Voiturette in Geneva.  The two-seater had a four-cylinder Chapuis-Dornier engine which delivered 8 bhp.  In the first model, the driver and passenger still sat side-by-side, but in the second model from 1916 the seats stood one behind the other.  In 1920, the company had approximately ten employees who built no more than a dozen cars all-in-all.  In 1922, Speidel appeared at the start of the Swiss grand prix with his own racing car.  However, the car never made it to the finish as it caught fire after only a few laps.  Despite all this, the model was saved and can be seen in the Verkehrshaus der Schweiz in Luzern.

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