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1906 - 1911

This company was founded in 1857, as a shipbuilding firm.  In 1898 they absorbed the marine engine firm John Penn & Sons, who had made a steam carriage in 1835, and in 1902 started to build steam wagons.  They were followed by petrol-engined vans and in 1906 passenger cars appeared.  The first was a large car with a 6977cc 6-cylinder engine called a 45hp.  Smaller models followed in 1908, a 1960cc 12hp twin and a 3920cc 24hp four.

1910 Thames were given unusual names such as the Chirurgeon for the small coupe and the Emperor for the limousine.  The range was at its widest that year, including the 8hp single, 12hp twin which was made in taxicab form, 15.9hp monobloc four, 24hp four and the old 60hp six.  1911 was the last year for the cars, and the commercials survived for only two more years.

Source: Nick Georgano / The Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile

Models produced by Thames

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