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1926 - 1934

The Tracta was the first successful front-wheeled drive car made in any numbers.  The first Tractas were built primarily for competitions, having 1100cc 4-cylinder S.C.A.P. engines, later replaced by 1200 and 1600 units. 

After making about 140 cars they turned to larger power units, including a 15CV 2.7 litre Continental side-valve six and a 17 or 20CV Hotchkiss six with ohv.  With this change of engine came a change in the direction of the company, from stark race and hill climb-orientated sports cars to elegant coupes and saloons which had some success in Concours d'Elegances.  Some had four doors and included a town car by Letourneur et Marchand on a long wheelbase, which was specially made for Mme Fenaille.  Other bodies for Tracta were made by Chapron, Duvaland Mignon et Billebault.  About 90 6-cylinder cars were made but they made little if any profit from them, and abandoned car production in 1934. 

Source: Nick Georgano / The Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile

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