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In 1904, Martin Fischer built his first motorcar on the outskirts of Zurich in the Swiss village of Niederuster.  The single-seater car had an unusual form of steering.  The wheels were steered using two foot pedals.

The single-cylinder engine delivered 7 bhp.  In 1904, the company presented its first model with a four-cylinder engine.  In 1908, Turicum was one of the first Swiss manufacturers with a branch in Paris.  Fischer left his company in 1908.  He started over again and built a few more cars under his own name.  Most Turicums were powered by a 1943 or 2613 cc, four-cylinder engine, but the customer could also opt for a two-cylinder engine.  Business was definitely not bad.  In 1913, the company had approximately 150 employees, who built over 200 cars.  However, the factory closed for good when the First World War broke out.

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Models produced by Turicum

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