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Georges Richard and Henri Brassier built cars under the name of Richard at the turn of the century, but in 1905 Richard left the company.  He rented a factory building on the Quai Nationale in Puteaux and started over again.  He could no longer use the name Richard and therefore christened his new car the Unic.  The car was powered by a two-cylinder, 10 bhp engine.  A short while later, the customer could also opt for a four-cylinder.  In 1909, a Unic with a 4.1 litre, six-cylinder engine was unveiled, but this model was not a success.  There was a considerable demand for cheaper cars and particularly taxi-fleet owners liked the Unic.  In 1907, Richard had only sold 690 Unics, but in 1911 the number sold already amounted to 1,219.  At the end of the twenties, Unic manufactured a large, luxury, eight-cylinder car.  The results were poor, which led the company to concentrate on cheaper models once again.  In 1937, the range consisted of the U4 and U6.  The U4 was powered by a 2.0 litre, four-cylinder and the U6 housed a 3.0 litre, six-cylinder engine.  The U6's wheel base was 9.5 cm longer than that of the U4.  The cars had a top speed of respectively 75 and 87 mph (120 and 140 kph).  They were equipped with independent suspension and power-assisted, but mechanical brakes.  After the U4 and U6, the company only built trucks.

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