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The Amalgamated Tyre Company of Coventry established the Velox Motor Company in October 1902 and "secured the services of an engineer who until recently was the works manager of one of the leading English motor companies". A 10hp and a 20hp car were made and they received extensive press coverage, but production seems to have been sluggish despite the works manager's apparent expertise. During 1903 a neat single-cylinder light car was introduced called the Miniature Velox and this had an underslung chassis, which made the vehicle very low to the ground. Given that most roads at the time were unsealed, the maker's assertion that the car was "immune from mud and dust" must have been somewhat optimistic.

A receiver was appointed in October 1903, the Company's failure being attributed to a lack of working capital. It is thought that less than forty Velox cars of all three types were made, but one Miniature Velox survives.

Source: Society of Automotive Historians in Britain

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