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As early as round the turn of the century, the Vermorel company started experimenting with cars in the French town of Villefranche, but in 1908 the company started tackling matters in a more professional manner.  Vermorel hired the well known car builder Francois Pilain.  A Vermorel with a 1.8 litre, four-cylinder, side-valve engine and a four-speed gearbox was developed on his drawing board.  Quite soon the engines' cylinder capacity increased to 2.2 and 3.3 litres.  From 1922 onwards, all the cars were equipped with brakes on all four wheels.  In 1923, the Vermorel could also be ordered as a sports car with an overhead-valve engine.  The 16/60 was unveiled in 1924 and had a 2.6 litre four-cylinder engine with an overhead camshaft.  In 1928, the first model with a six-cylinder engine followed, the Vermorel AH.  The engine had a cylinder capacity of 1869 cc and delivered 45 bhp.  The Vermorel cars never caused a stir.  When demand decreased in 1930, it was decided to discontinue the production of passenger cars.

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