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This rare make took its name from the location of the works of the C J Moore Manufacturing Company in Westfield, Massachusetts. The firm produced a steam car early in 1902 but was soon advertising its willingness to supply rolling chassis "ready for power" to which either steam or gasoline engines could be fitted.

A surviving Westfield is fitted with a two-cylinder engine made by the Remington Automobile and Motor Company of Utica, New York, and this is of interesting design as it has a chain-driven overhead camshaft actuating overhead valves. It was unusual at this early date to find engines with ohc valve-gear, but suppliers of engines for use in motor boats were among the first to use such a system as it kept vulnerable components clear of any water in the bilges. It is not therefore surprising to find that Remington advertised its engines as suitable for "automobiles and launches". 1903 seems to have been the last year in which both C J Moore and Remington carried out any worthwhile motorcar related activity.

Source: Society of Automotive Historians in Britain

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