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The Whippet was a Willys-Overland product.  The car was manufactured between 1927 and 1931 in the Overland factory in Toldedo, Ohio.  The early models were equipped with a four-cylinder engine.  It was the smallest car ever built in America.  The model had a mere 254 cm wheel base.  Later on, the Whippet could also be supplied with a six-cylinder engine.

One of these cars drove non-stop for 24 hours at an average speed of 56.52 mph (90.432 kph) round the oval Indianapolis circuit.  The Whippet was not only small, but also cheap.  The four-cylinder version cost less than a comparable Ford.  It was even the cheapest, six cylinder car in the world.  In the first year of production, the factory sold 110,000 cars, but the impending great depression also caused problems for Willys-Overland.  As a result the Whippet make was discontinued in 1931.

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