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Willys Overland Crossley


1919 - 1934

Willys Overland Crossley was a company jointly owned by Crossley Motors and Willys-Overland. The company was formed in 1919 and continued until 1934.  They had factories in Stockport, England, Berlin, Germany and Antwerp, Belgium. 

In 1919, Crossley Motors and John North Willys on behalf of Willys-Overland agreed to set up a British operation to import, manufacture and sell a high volume of cars based on the Overland 4 model. Crossley Motors provided the Heaton Chapel, Stockport aircraft factory they had recently bought from the government after the end of World War I. Production started in 1920 with the assembly of kits bought in from the Willys-Overland Canadian plant. WOC's first design contribution was to offer British bodies to fit the Model 4's chassis. The Willys-Knight sleeve valve engined car was also offered.

The company also produced commercial vehicles. First models were built on Model 4 chassis but in 1924 Heaton Chapel designed their own 1 ton model using mainly Overland parts. This was replaced in 1926 by an upgraded 30cwt version. In 1926 a new range using Lycoming engines was announced and these were launched under the Manchester name. Initial models were rated at 25 and 35 cwt but were soon joined by a 2 ton model. WOC also assembled Willys C101 trucks sold as Willys-Commercial but these soon gained a poor reputation for engine reliability.

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