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1912 - 1924

The first Wilton Cycle Co. was set up in 1895 by 14 year old Charles Frederick Halsall.  He started making bicycles, followed by experiments with motorcycles and a tricar.  In 1912 he showed his first cyclecar, powered by a 9hp air-cooled V-twin JAP engine under a bonnet of Siddeley-Deasy shape, with 3-speed gearbox and shaft drive.  An 8/10hp 4-cylinder water cooled engine was also available and this proved to be more popular in the long run.  A new model was launched in 1916 with 1319cc 4-cylinder engine which they claimed was their own make, though it is more likely to have been a bought-in unit.

A new Wilton was announced in 1919, powered by a 1496cc Meadows engine, with a worm-drive rear axle.  In 1920 they turned to a 1820cc Peters engine, replaced by a 1490cc Dorman 4MW from mid 1922.  Wilton took 21 of these engines.  The company was listed as car makers up to 1924, but production may have ended one or two years earlier.

Source: Nick Georgano / The Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile 

Models produced by Wilton

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