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Z (ZBROJOVKA) 1924 - 1939

The ex-armaments factory Zbrojovkyof Brno-Zidenice were part of the Skoda group, but had no connection with Skoda cars.

After World War One, like so many other armaments factories, they had to look for new business and turned their attention to the production of cars.  All of their cars had two-stroke engines irrespective of size.

The first design, known as the 'Disk' had a single-cylinder engine of just 600cc, but it never went into production.

Their first production Z had a 1004cc two-cylinder engine, followed by an improved version with rotary inlet valves.

There was a range of private cars, their best known being the Z4, Z6, Z9 and the 40hp Z5.

1933 saw more cars with rotary inlet valves, a 900cc two-cylinder and a 1490cc four-cylinder, both with front wheel drive.  Sales of both models were good.

Z works racing cars - 1100cc, two-cylinder, four-cylinder and six-cylinder and a 1490cc eight-cylinder.  Most had superchargers.

All of their cars were unorthodox in design, but the Z13 was a remarkable competition car that had an eight-cylinder two-stroke unit of 1500cc with four parallel pairs of cylinders, each cylinder having two pistons to each combustion chamber.


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