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Around the time of the First World War, Zedel was a reasonably well-known make of car.  The company was owned by Ernest Zurcher and Hermann Luthi.  In the early years of the twentieth century, the company in the Swiss village of St. Aubin near Neuchatel, primarily manufactured engines for motorcycles and three-wheelers, but the company also manufactured auxiliary engines for bicycles including for the Belgian make Minerva.  In 1902, the company moved to Pontarlier, just over the French border beside the river Doub.  In this way, the board of directors wished to limit import duties, because most of the engines were sold to French companies.  In 1906, the Fabrique de Moteurs et Machines Zedel built its first motorcar and as early as 1914, it manufactured some 400 per year.  The first Zedels were powered by an 1128 cc, four-cylinder engine.  The bodywork seated two people.  In 1908, the first four-seater was introduced and in 1912, Zedel presented a medium-price range car with a 3563 cc, four-cylinder engine.  After the war, Zedel launched two models with 2120 and 3168 cc, four cylinder engines respectively.  It was around that time that the company was sold to the Swiss company Donnet.  From then on, the cars were sold under the name Donnet-Zedel.  In 1927, the company moved to Nanterre.  Once again the name was changed, this time to Donnet.  In 1933, the Donnet was sold to Simca.

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