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Porsche 356 Gold Portfolio 1953-65

Porsche has developed a system of specification changes that make its long-running models bewildering to unravel. The 1950-1955, jelly-mould cars had tail-happy handling with engines from 1100 to 1500cc. The 1956-1959 cars were nicer to drive, the shape had not changed but the engines were now 1600cc plus a few 1300s. The 356B of 1960-1963 had a prettier body and the same engines as before plus a desirable Super 90 model with 115mph top speed. The 356Cs of 1965-1965 were a drivers car with all-round disc brakes and more power. Several styles of convertibles were made during the production run variously named Cabriolet, Speedster, Convertible D and Roadster. This is a book of contemporary road rests, new model introductions, technical and specification data, racing, long-term tests, touring, development, used car reports. Models covered include:- 1500, Super 75 and 90, 1600, Carrera, SS, SC, GS, 2-litre. 172 pages, 450 illus. SB.
Publication Details
PublisherBrooklands Books
Published date 1/6/1994