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Aerocar (Taylor) Model II / Aero-Plane


Produced: 1966-1966


Including the two prototypes, five AEROCAR Model I's were completed, basically to the same design used for the 1949 original.  By this time, the car component was looking decidedly dated.   Molt Taylor decided that something more than just a facelift would be necessary to attract potential buyers and built a much improved road car, both in appearance and technical detail.   He called it the AEROCAR III.  This caused a considerable amount of confusion because there weren't any details of the AEROCAR II available.  The reason was that a deviation from the flying-car idea resulted in a pure aircraft design being produced after the last AEROCAR Model I was built.

Officially called the AERO-PLANE, it had many features based on the AEROCAR built into it. It's cockpit was similar to that on the AEROCAR, but it could seat four people. The wings, although they couldn't be detached, folded in the same way as the AEROCAR, allowing it to be towed in reverse behind any vehicle.  It's tricycle undercarriage had small wheels, the single forward wheel being used for steering while on the ground.  Because there were so many ideas that originated on the AEROCAR, it became known as the AERO-PLANE / AEROCAR II.

Later D.I.Y. kit aeroplanes made by the company also used many of the ideas from the AEROCAR design.

Source: Reg J. Prosser
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