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Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2.0 GTV/Strada


Produced: 1976-1987, 73039 produced.
Types: Coupe,2 doors,4 seats
Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2.0 GTV/Strada

At the top of the Alfetta range was the 2.0 GTV announced in 1976 along with the smaller 1.6 GT model. The 2.0 GTV used a 1962cc version of the Alfa Romeo twin-cam unit used in many other models. From 1978 a luxurious "Strada" model became available. The Strada had better trim than the GTV and also had a sun-roof as standard.

The Alfetta 2.0 GTV and Strada models were popular members of the range throughout the Alfetta's long career which lasted until the late 1980's.

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1962ccS4 DOHCAlfa Romeo S4 DOHC84mm x 89mm9


Top Speed0-60SQMMPGEngine PwrComment
118 mph9.5 s0 s25 mpg0 bhp 0

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