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American Motors Corporation - AMC Gremlin


Produced: 1970-1978, 600000 produced.
AMC Gremlin X Levis Blue RVr   (1973)

The Gremlin was to the American students what the Citroen 2CV was for the French.  The car was introduced on the first of April in 1970 but not as a joke.  This was one of AMC's best-selling cars.  The Gremlin had both six cylinder and V-8 engines available.  The V-8 engines were 5 litres and delivered 152 brake horsepower.  The car was in reality an AMC Hornet that was chopped off behind the front doors. 

The gremlin also had a 2 litre version released in 1977 and the engine came from audi and porche (out of the 924).  The car was brought out with the new body in 1977.

Source: The complete encyclopedia of Saloon Cars - Rob de la Rive Box


0ccV8 0mm x 0mm0


Top Speed0-60SQMMPGEngine PwrComment
0 mph0 s0 mpg152 bhp 0
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