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Produced: 1955-1957, 7 produced.
Arnott Roadster (1956)
The Arnott used a ladder-frame chassis similar to the company's F3 car, with all-independent suspension by coil springs and double wishbones, but in this case the engine was in front of the driver.  The base engine was Austin A30 (three made), but other cars had Standard 10, Lea-Francis and Coventry Climax FWA units.  The car was finished with a fibreglass body, similar to a proprietary shell later made by Rochdale, and it received a lot of publicity because it had been created by a woman.  No reliable road test figures are available but a claim of 110mph/175kmh for the Climax-engined version seems reasonable.  One of these cars was entered at Le Mans in 1955, but crashed during practice.
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