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Ascort TSV 1300


Produced: 1958-1960, 19 produced.
Ascort TSV 1300 Brochure 4
The TSV was a fibreglass coupe on a Volkswagen base and with Okrasa performance fittings.  Although double-skinned, insulated, and with a large luggage space, plush upholstery, and even a first-aid kit in an arm rest, its weight was no greater than the regular Beetle.  The idea of Mirek Craney, who was involved with fibreglass production through his Hermex company (the agents for Okrasa), it attracted much attention.  Being expensive, it could be personalised to the point of having monogrammed doors. Although a fine concept, and built with the latest fibreglass technology, the loss of commercial terms for the VW components, and with the Karmann-Ghia taken into consideration, it became unprofitable to continue after 19 were made, although orders were in hand.  12 of the original 19 are known to have survived.
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Top Speed0-60SQMMPGEngine PwrComment
95 mph0 s0 mpg0 bhp 0
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