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Article The real Bond Aston DB5
Publication Classic Cars October 2010
The real Bond Aston DB5 - Of the two Aston Martin DB5s used in Goldfinger and Thunderball one vanished in 1997 and the other has just broken cover after 40 years of hiding.  We take it on a mission to explore the reality behind the Bond Movie aura.
Article The Aston Enigma
Publication Classic Cars April 2007
The Aston Enigma - The world's most famous agent drove one, but surely there's more to the Aston Martin DB5's appeal that that? A drive through the Italian Riviera explores the truth behind the myth.
Article Buying guide - Aston Martin DB4/5/6 (1958-70)
Publication Classic Cars August 2003
Buying Guide. Aston Martin DB4/5/6 (1958-70) - The classiest of British supercars, Sixties Astons are true motoring icons, fabulous to own and drive.  But they can become hideously expensive if you ignore our advice and buy the wrong one.
Article Buyers Datafile - Aston Martin DB4-6
Publication Practical Classics August 1999
Buyers Datafile - Aston Martin DB4-6
Article Buyers Guide - Aston Martin DB4-6
Publication Classic & Sports Car February 2012
Buyers Guide - Aston Martin DB4-6 - The ultimate Astons have rocketed in price so you need to inspect a potential purchase carefully, says Malcolm McKay.
Article Buyer's Guide - Aston Martin DB5
Publication Classic Car Weekly 18 January 2012
Buyer's Guide - Aston Martin DB5 - Power, elegance and tradition combined to create Aston Martin's much-loved DB5.  You may see it as the classic James Bond car, but JAMES TAYLOR thinks of it more as modern art on wheels.
Article Jaguar E-Type vs Aston DB5
Publication Octane August 2009
Jaguar E-Type vs Aston DB5- These are the ultimate re-engineered cersions of two already-great british classics: both built in 1965, both exciting, powerful and well-balanced - but in so many other ways, remarkably different.
Article More Bond for your Buck
Publication Classic & Sports Car November 2007
More Bond for your Buck- A meteoric price rise has put Aston's iconic DB5 out of reach for most.  Graeme Hurst reckons the once-derided DBS offers all the experience for a tench of the price.
Article DB5 Fibreclass
Publication Classics Monthly November 2007
DB5 Fibreclass- The man creating a DIY Aston craved a drive of the real thing to help finish his own car.
Article Buying Power - Aston Martin DB4, DB5 and DB6
Publication Classic Car Weekly 13 September 2007
Buying Power - Aston Martin DB4, DB5 and DB6- Aston Martin is to England what Ferrari is to Italy and Porsche is to Germany.....and within the hierachy of its models, the DB4-6 series stand head and shoulders above the rest.  RICHARD GUNN discusses buying into the dream.
Article Timewarp Classics: No 23 - Aston Martin DB5: 1964
Publication Classic Car Weekly 3 August 2006
Timewarp Classics: No 23 - Aston Martin DB5: 1964 - The Aston Martin DB5 was a superb car in its own right...but it was the connection with a certain British secret agent that turned the car into a real legend.  No pay attention as ANDREW ROBERTS does his Q impersonation while tells us how the DB5  became such a star.
Article Dealing in bonds
Publication Octane February 2006
Dealing in bonds - There were actually four James Bond Aston Martin DB5s - but only two of those appeared in the movies.  Now pay attention, 007...
Article British Beef - Aston Martin DB2/4 MKII, Aston Martin DB MKIII, Aston Martin
Publication Classic & Sports Car July 2005
British Beef - Michael Buckley tracks the evolution of the quintessential English Grand tourer, with every Aston Martin DB - from gorgeous 2 to awesome 9.  Aston Martin DB2/4 MKII, Aston Martin DB MKIII, Aston Martin DB4, Aston Martin DB5, Aston Martin DB6, Aston Martin DBS, Aston Martin DB7, Aston Martin DB9.
Article Buying Power - Aston Martin DB4-6
Publication Classic Car Weekly 16th June 2004
Buying Power - Aston Martin DB4-6 - Probably the ultimate British GT sports cars of the Sixties, Aston Martinís reputation still rests on the cachet of the DB4, 5 and 6 models.  But despite their beauty, buying can be an expensive nightmare, says RICHARD GUNN.
Article Road Test - Aston Martin DB5
Publication Classic Car Weekly 25th February 2004
Road Test - Aston Martin DB5 - Built 1963-65, four-seater, two-door saloon or convertible, front-engined, rear-wheel drive, six-cylinder engine.
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