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Article Three by Four
Publication Practical Classics July 2011
Three by Four - When you think of the advantages, it's odd that four-wheel drive took so long to arrive.  We've picked three turning points in the history of the breed to unlock the story.  Jensen Interceptor FF, Audi Quattro, Subaru Impreza
Article Top 10 Drivers' Cars
Publication Practical Classics June 2011
Top 10 Drivers' Cars - Richard Gunn gets to grips with 10 of 'the most engaging and involving classics of all time'.  But will you agree with his choices?  Mini MKI, Lotus Seven S1-S4, VW Gold MKII GTI 8V, Audi Quattro, Porshe 911, Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6, Jaguar E0Type S1, Alfa Romeo Alfasud, Mazda MX-5, Bentley.
Article First among unequals
Publication Classic Cars November 2007
First among unequals- The Audi Quattro's four-wheel drive system revoluntionized rallying, but there's more to its success than that.  Delve underneath its Teutonic skin.
Article Turbo Group Test - Olds lags
Publication Practical Classics March 2007
Turbo Group Test - Olds lags - Back in Thatcher's Eighties when people said 'nanoo nanoo' and ET had just landed, a new word blasted its way into our lives.  That word was 'turbo' and it came strapped to a new breed of performance car bearing names such as quattro and Cosworth.  And we all wanted one,,,,badly.  1981 Mitsubishi Lancer 2000 Turbo, 1986 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, 1980 Saab 99 Turbo, 1989 MG Maestro,  1985 Audi Quattro.
Article Buyer Guide - Audi Quattro (1980-1991)
Publication Practical Classics October 2005
Buyer - Audi Quattro - It's one of the most complete modern classics, but the Quattro is less pricey than you might think.
Article Four-play
Publication Practical Classics July 2002
Four-play - What can such a diverse line-up of cars possibly have in common? Well, they're all four-wheel-drive.  David Lillywhite finds out how they work.
Article Buyer's Datafile - Audi Quattro
Publication Practical Classics April 1997
Buyer's Datafile - Audi Quattro.
Article Buyer's Guide Express - Audi Quattro
Publication Classic Car Weekly 30 March 2011
Buyer's Guide Express - Audi Quattro - Born to conquer the world's rally stages, Audi's legenday ur-quattro is a potent and superbly engined classic.  MIKE LE CAPLAIN examines the practicalities of owning one today.
Article The secret history of the...Audi Quattro
Publication Classic Car Mart July 2010
The secret history of the...Audi Quattro - It's thirty years since the Audi Quattro arrived, revolutionising the world of rallying and road-going performance cars.  John-Joe Vollans and Paul Guinness pay tribute to one of the ultimate icons of the 1980s.
Article Point to point
Publication Classics Monthly September 2008
Point to point- If you want to cover ground quickly with the family in tow, you'll need one of these...
Article Striking oil
Publication Car July 2008
Striking oil- look cool and go hard - on diesel? BMW and Audi have unleashed the sports cars of the future, says Gavin Green.  Audi TT TDI Quattro, BMW 123D SE Coupe.
Article Rings of confidence
Publication Classic & Sports Car May 2008
Rings of confidence- Audi's first 4x4 was a technical sophisticate, a ground-breaking rally car and, now, a TV star.  Alastair Clements is fired up by the quattro.
Article Buyer's Guide - Audi Quattro
Publication Classic Car Mart May 2008
Buyer's Guide - Audi Quattro- It was the car that had it all - but good ones are now hard to find.  CCM brings you everything you need to know about buying the ultimate Eighties icon.
Article Buyer' guide - Audi Quattro (1980-1991)
Publication Octane January 2008
Buyer' guide - Audi Quattro (1980-1991) - As fast and capable as many modern performance cars, the quattro satisfies both heart and head.
Article Buying Power - Audi Quattro
Publication Classic Car Weekly 4 October 2007
Buying Power - Audi Quattro- The Quattro was the car that changed the face of sportscars and rallying forever.  Success in the competition world was translated into success in the commercial world, and the original quattro enjoyed an 11-year production run.  However, these cars can seem fiendishly complicated for the home mechanic so IAN SEABROOK gives you the lowdown on this ground-breaking coupe.  Roger Galvin of the Quattro Workshop is our on-hand expert.
Article Death becomes them
Publication Car January 2007
Death becomes them - With stratospheric power outputs and out-of-control fans, Group B carrs were the Sex Pistols of rallying.  High-profile deaths assured their cult status.  Now, 20 years since they were outlawed, Ben Barry reunites the biggest stars.  Peugeot 205 Turbo 16, Audi Quattro, Ford RS200, Lancia Delta S4,MG Metro 6R4.
Article Group Test - Expecting to fly
Publication Car January 2007
Group Test - Expecting to fly - The coupé market.  Suave BMW at one end, raunchy Nissan at the other.  Where does Audi's new TT fit in?  Audi TT Quattro, BMW 335i SE, Nissan 350Z GT.
Article Lifting the lid
Publication Classic & Sports Car December 2006
Lifting the lid - Was Walter Treser's gawky and much maligned Audi quattro Roadster mere whimsy or the phototype for a new genre? Alastair Clements finds out.
Article Buyers guide - Audi Quattro
Publication Classics Monthly October 2006
Buyers guide - Audi Quattro.
Article Grip it up and start again - Audi TT
Publication Car August 2006
Grip it up and start again - Audi TT - New TT delivers the handling the sharper looking original lacked.
Article Timewarp Classics: No.10 - Audi Quattro: 1980
Publication Classic Car Weekly 4 May 2006
Timewarp Classics: No.10 - Audi Quattro: 1980 - KEITH ADAMS jumps in his DeLorean-shaped time machine and takes a close look at the Audi Quattro - a car that literally transformed the image of all-wheel drive cars overnight.
Article Rings of Fire - Mould breakers: Audi Quattro - ur
Publication Classics April 2005
Rings of Fire - Mould breakers: Audi Quattro - ur - Before the Audi Quatrro most rally cars were straightforward motors.  But four-wheel-drive, five cylinder and a sixth sense for roadholding changed all that, as Greg Whitaker found out.
Article Snow Drift - Audi Quattro S1 Group B
Publication Octane April 2005
Snow Drift - Audi Quattro S1 Group B - It's 25 years since Audi revolutionised rallying with its four-wheel-drive quattro.  To celebrate, Stig Blomqvist blasts a 500bhp S1 down the infamous Col du Turini...
Article Road Test - Audi Quattro
Publication Classic Car Weekly 6 October 2004
Road Test - Audi Quattro - Five-cylinder, turbocharged, 2144cc & 2226cc engine cars built from 1980 to 1991.  Two-door coupé body.  Front-engined, permanent four-wheel-drive.
Article 12 Car You Should Drive - Lord of the Rings - Audi Quattro
Publication Classics March 2004
12 Car You Should Drive - Lord of the Rings.  Carlin Gerbich dons his anorak and samples the all-wheel drive delight of the all conquering Audi Quattro in the second of our 12 cars you must drive series.
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